32 babies have been found

Sun God Babies are lost!

Ready to embark on the journey to Sun God Festival 2014? With each level more exciting than the next, these Sun God Babies are collecting coins and staying hydrated to make it to SGF 2014. SGF Baby Player 1 is ready to channel his inner Fluffy and has everything he needs in his handy dandy fanny pack to reach his goal. Perhaps he should join forces with SGF Baby Player 2 who looks ready to solve any puzzle. Meanwhile, SGF Baby Player 3 and his bright red jumpsuit is equipped with game controls to dodge any obstacle that comes in his way.

However, they still need your help to level up throughout the game! Find all these Players and get them to Sun God Festival before it's too late!

There are rewards in store!

We have discounts on SGF Merch up for grabs! Collect enough babies to earn a reward. For every baby you help find, you can earn an even larger discount!

And that's not all! A handful of these babies are instant winners. Find them to instantly be rewarded with your own piece of SGF memorabilia.

Discount coupons are print-at-home and must be redeemed at the Triton Outfitters store!

Store hours from 10AM-3PM:
Week 4: M-F on Library Walk
Week 5: T-F on PC Plaza
Week 6: M-F on Library Walk
Week 7: M-W on PC Plaza, Th on Ridge Walk (Wristband Distribution hours)

UCSD Student ID required. Merch available while supplies last. Coupons expire on Thursday, May 15th.

So start hunting! Uh, you know what we mean.

If you find a baby, please keep it safe and return it soon!