SGF Water Program

SGF Water Program

Minimizing waste is important to the Sun God Festival. Please be aware that disposable water bottles will neither be allowed into the festival (even if they are sealed) nor will they be sold on festival grounds. Here’s how you can get water at the festival:

1. Bring your own reusable water bottle.

Bottles will be inspected and emptied at the entrance. They can be refilled with water for free all day. No glass bottles.

2. Buy the official Sun God Festival bottle.

Unlimited refills for free! Pick up the official 2014 Sun God Festival water bottle at Triton Outfitters. They will be located at the Price Center ATMs during May 10-May 14, at the Marshall Tennis Courts on May 15 and on festival grounds on May 16. Check out the water bottle options at the festival merch page.

3. Buy a cup of water at the festival.

Compostable cups (made of corn starch!) will be sold for $1. Due to health regulations, these cups are single-use and non-refillable. We strongly recommend that you do not pick this option.