Sun God for a Cause

Sun God for a Cause

Associated Students is excited to continue the Sun God For a Cause campaign as part of the 2014 Sun God Festival. AS Concerts & Events is again partnering with FM94/9 to support their "About the Music" grant program, which provides funding to music programs in San Diego public schools.

It is our mission to increase student philanthropy and service on-campus through the growth of our largest campus tradition. Our goal is to raise funds for these grants that contribute towards saving music education in local San Diego public schools.

Why support the "About The Music" fund?

Music education continues to be underfunded within our public school system. In order to support schools whose music programs have been eliminated or are in jeopardy, “About the Music” presents grants specifically for music programs in public schools.

Last year, the grant distributed over $25,000 in funds to increase music education in local San Diego schools. With a historical connection of over 42 school districts in San Diego, the “About the Music” grant has the power to help over 500,000 students and 26,000 teachers by raising money to fund music education.

These grants serve a variety of purposes, from funding music technology in the classroom to providing field trips for students.

How can I help?

To learn more about the cause and help us raise funds for the “About the Music” Grant Program, be on the look out for donation jars at Sun God related events, pick up exclusive SGF Cause merch at Triton Outfitters (proceeds support to the Grant Program), and more opportunties to be announced!

For the latest information, please like the Sun God for a Cause Facebook page!