374 babies have been found

A huge brood of Sun God Babies are lost!

Sun God Baby explorer Indy, equipped with his trusty bullwhip, began searching for the rarest of prehistoric birds, Sun God Baby Eric. As Indy trekked through the wild eucalyptus jungle of UC San Diego, he made friends with the inhabitants of the wild. With their help, he assembled a crack team of adventurers that would be essential to his quest: Sun God Baby Gorilla, the fiercest of all Babies, Sun God Baby Zebra, avid grazer, and Sun God Baby Leopard, the strongest climber. The crew quickly found the scent of the colorful bird and victory was soon to be there's, when Dun, Dun, DUUUUNNN…they fell into an ancient booby trap.

Now, they need your help! Please find our team of Adventurers before it is too late!

There are rewards in store!

We have discounts on SGF Merch up for grabs! Collect enough babies to earn a reward. For every baby you help find, you can earn an even larger discount!

And that's not all! A handful of these babies are instant winners. Find them to instantly be rewarded with your own piece of SGF memorabilia.

Discount coupons are print-at-home and must be redeemed at Triton Outfitters! During Weeks 4 - 6, the store is located on Library Walk Monday-Friday from 10AM–3PM. During Week 7, the store will be located at the Price Center ATMs Monday – Wednesday from 10AM – 3PM and Thursday on Ridge Walk during Wristband Distribution hours. UCSD Student ID required. Merch available while supplies last. Coupons expire on Thursday, May 16th.

So start hunting! Uh, you know what we mean.

If you find a baby, please keep it safe and return it soon!