• General

  • When / Where is the festival being held?

    The Sun God Festival will be held at RIMAC Field on May 3, 2015, the Sunday of fifth week of the Spring Quarter. The festival will run from 2pm to 8pm.

  • What are the hours of the festival?

    2pm to 8pm.

  • What will be the format of the festival?

    The event will include two stages: the Sun God Stage, featuring a variety of national touring musical acts, and the North Stage, featuring variety acts including student organization performances and acrobatic performers. Additional attractions will be added to the event, including carnival-style rides and games, interactive art and crowd performers.

  • What do I need with me?

    While in the Festival you must carry a valid UCSD photo ID. Students over 21 who plan to enter the beer garden must also carry a valid government-issued photo ID. We encourage you to bring a reusable, non-glass water bottle so you can enjoy free water throughout the event! Don't forget to stay hydrated.

  • Is the festival rain or shine?

    Yes, subject to safety requirements.

  • Will you be posting set times in advance?

    Yes. Set times will be posted on this website page during the week of the festival.

  • Are there opportunities to volunteer at the event?

    Yes! If you’re interested in helping out at this year’s festival, please contact ascechiefofstaff@ucsd.edu

  • Will there be Sun God Festival merchandise sold?

    Yes, official Sun God Festival merchandise will be available through Triton Outfitters.
    Official Sun God Festival merchandise will also be sold at Triton Outfitters store in advance of the festival and at the Triton Outfitters Experience at the festival, while supplies last.

  • Will there be wifi on the field

    We cannot guarantee wifi access on RIMAC Field, but attendees should be able to utilize the UCSD-PROTECTED or UCSD-GUEST Wi-Fi networks (as applicable).

  • Health & Safety

  • What is being done to make the festival safe?

    Student health and safety is the top priority of the festival organizers. The festival grounds will be a safe space for students. Heightened enforcement will occur at festival entrances to prevent access to visibly intoxicated students and to block prohibited substances and items into the event. All attendees will be screened at the entrances, including a pat down and scanning of festival wristbands, prior to admission. Drug Recognition Expert police officers will also be present at the festival entrances to intervene with drug intoxicated students.

    This year, education programs around the festival focus on drug and alcohol safety. In addition, the “floaties” bystander intervention training program has been expanded and student “floaties” who have gone through the training program are anticipated to have a large presence at this year’s Sun God Festival.

  • How can I keep my friends safe?

  • What happens if I show up to the festival intoxicated?

    To ensure the festival grounds are a safe space, students visibly intoxicated and under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be unable to enter the Sun God Festival. The entrance to the festival will have high levels of enforcement including security pat downs and the presence of Drug Recognition Expert police officers. These entrance procedures will assist in identifying students of concern, screening visibly intoxicated students and deterring prohibited substances and items from entering the festival. Students who show up intoxicated are subject to arrest or other consequences related to violation of the Student Code of Conduct or taken to appropriate medical care.

  • I can't find my friend, and they aren't answering their phone. What do I do?

    Call the Sun God Detox hotline at (858) 246-0393. A volunteer will let you know if your friend is in Detox or if they have been taken to jail. Volunteers cannot disclose if your friend has been transported to the hospital

  • My friend just got taken to Detox! Where and when can I pick them up?

    If your friend was taken to Sun God Detox, you can call (858) 246-0393. It takes about 20 minutes from the time a student is picked up before they are fully checked-in to Detox. So if you call right away, there might not be a record of them (yet). If your friend is checked in, the volunteer will let you know the estimated time to call back (approx. 4 hours) and where to pick them up.

  • SGF Beer Garden

  • Will there be a beer garden?

    Yes, one has been added for students of drinking age who choose to drink responsibly and in reasonable amounts. The beer garden will have limits on the quantity of beer served per person and other measures to provide for responsible consumption

  • Who can enter the Beer Garden?

    Students must be 21+ to enter the beer garden. Trained staff will scan government-issued IDs for age verification.

    Students who are deemed to be intoxicated at the ID check or at the entrance to the beer garden will not be permitted access to the beer garden.

  • How long will the Beer Garden be open?

    Beer service will run from 2:00pm until 6:30pm (an hour and half prior to the end of the event), in accordance with CA Alcohol Beverage Control laws.

  • What regulations should I expect at the Beer Garden?

    o Students who are verified to be 21+ will receive a tabbed wristband. Students may purchase one beer per tab. Tabs must be attached to the wristband to be valid.
    o All bartenders will be “Training for Intervention Procedures” (TIPS) certified. TIPS is a skills-based training program that is proven to prevent intoxication, underage drinking, and drunk driving.
    o Controls will be implemented to limit the pace of beer sales.
    o The entire beer garden area will be surrounded by a double fence to prevent beer from being handed off to students outside of the beer garden.
    o Private security, UCSD Police and TIPS certified bar staff will closely monitor the crowd to ensure drinks are not shared.
    o Beer service will end by 6:30pm, an hour and half prior to the end of the event.

  • Why add a Beer Garden?

    • Providing a beer garden is a potential harm reduction strategy. By making beer available in a safe and controlled environment, event planners are able to reduce the perceived “need” by students to consume alcohol outside of the event, where over-consumption and other significant health and safety concerns may occur.
    • UC San Diego has a successful history of running safe events with beer gardens. For the last eight years, an event series for undergraduate students has offered free games, prizes, alcohol education, food and drinks, including up to two free beers per student of legal drinking age.
    • Studies of college student drinking behavior show that prohibition models are ineffective at changing student behavior related to binge drinking. Dr. Kim Fromme, Director of the Studies on Alcohol, Health, and Risky Activities (SAHARA) Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin, served as a consultant to the 2014 Sun God Festival Health and Safety Task Force which discussed the possible addition of a beer garden to the Sun God Festival as a potential harm reduction strategy.

  • Can I Bring...

  • Can I bring a backpack? Skateboard? Umbrella? Chair? Instrument?

    All patrons are asked to leave these items at home. Backpacks and other medium or large bags will not be permitted. Small bags may be permitted, but are subject to search. Please see above for details on which items are prohibited at the Sun God Festival.

  • Can I bring outside food/beverage?

    No outside food or beverage will be permitted.No disposable water bottles are allowed in the festival, even if they are sealed. Only empty, reusable, non-glass water bottles will be allowed.

  • Can I bring a camera?

    No video or professional cameras with a removable lens will be permitted. Point and shoot cameras only.

  • Will There Be...

  • Will there be First Aid on site?

    Yes. First Aid stations will be be available throughout the venue. They will be clearly marked on the festival map and visible on the field.

  • Will there be free water?

    Yes – there will be free water for any attendee with a reusable bottle. Free water fill-ups will be available at two locations clearly marked on the festival map. Festival-branded water bottles and single-use cups will be available for purchase.

  • Will there be an information booth / area?

    Yes. There will be a combination Lost & Found and Information booth located near the entrance to the field. The location will be clearly marked on the festival map and visible on the field.

  • Will there be ADA parking / bathrooms?

    Yes. Please visit the Patrons with Disabilities section for more information.

  • Will there be a Loft & Found

    Yes. There will be a combination Lost & Found and Information booth located near the entrance to the field. The location will be clearly marked on the festival map and visible on the field. After the festival found items will be relocated to the UCSD Police Department

  • Will there be ATMs

    Yes. Locations will be clearly marked on the festival map.